Take Your Workouts Outside This Summer

Summer is finally here for all of us living North of the equator. This means warmer weather and more sunshine. Take advantage of the season and move your workouts from the gym to the great outdoors. This means your strength training sessions too. Doing this will add variety and make your workouts more fun. You’ll get more vitamin D from the sun to improve your sports performance and health too.

In this article we describe get a great workout with 5 different pieces of fitness equipment outside. Using them alone or together will help you build muscle, get stronger, and burn off fat. Training outdoors will help you work on your tan too.

1. Kettlebells
Kettlebells are a pod shape piece of fitness equipment made of cast iron. You can use them for any exercise that you would use dumbbells for including presses, squats, and rows. They’re also great to use for doing kettlebell swings and throws too. Their unique shape and thick handle make using them more challenging than dumbbells too.

Taking a single kettlebell with you to the park is super convenient. Believe it or not, this is all you need for a complete workout. A great way to use a kettlebell for a total body workout is to design a complex. Complexes are where you perform a set of upper and lower body exercises like squats, shoulder presses, rows, and kettlebell swings without stopping between each movement. Doing this completes one complex. After your first complex is complete, rest, and repeat. After 5 or so complexes, take a break, lay down, and work on your tan.

If you’re looking to buy a pair of kettlebells we recommend First Place Kettlebells. Read our review to learn more.

2. Sandbags
Train with a filled sandbag outside and your certain to get stronger, build muscle, and burn lots of calories. Sandbags such as Josh Henkins Ultimate Sandbag are great to use for tons of movements including: presses, squats, throws, and carries. Unlike a barbell or dumbbells the different grips you have to use and their every changing center of gravity make every rep you perform a little different and very challenging.

Like kettlebells, sandbags are great to use for complex style workouts. Just take 4-6 upper and lower body exercises and do them with a sandbag instead of barbell or dumbbells. Another great way to use them outside is to get together with a couple of friends and have a competition where you see who can complete the most sandbag throws over time or carry them the furthest and/or fastest.

Read our Ultimate Sandbag review to learn more about sandbags and sandbag training.

3. Sleds
Pushing a sled such as the Sled Drive II is a great way to get your heart pumping and muscles burning. Forget about needing to do any other type of cardio; we guarantee this piece of equipment will get you into shape faster than anything else. The way workout with the Sled Drive II is by adding weights to its posts and then use its handles to pushing it over asphalt, grass, or packed dirt. It also comes with a harness so you can do pulling exercises too.

A few ways to train outside with this device are to see how far you can push a loaded sled and how fast you can push it for a set distance. You can also get your friends together and race against each other while pushing them or do relay races against each other or for the best time.

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4. Weight Vests
Weight Vests such as the X-Vest are great to way to get more from your outdoor workouts. You can use them to make a walk or hike more difficult, build strength and your boost your cardiovascular fitness. You can also use a weighted vest to do calisthenics such as push ups and mountain climbers. Another idea is to put on your X-Vest and perform sandbag or kettlebell carries for a really brutal workout.

You can buy the X-Vest at PerformBetter.com.

5. Lifeline Fitness USA Power Wheel
The Power Wheel takes core training to the next level. You can use them to perform dozens of exercises like roll-outs and leg curls. Their large, durable wheel also makes it possible to use them on any surface, even grass. A great way to use it outside to train your abs, lower back, arms and shoulders is to perform something called Power Wheel walks. This involves placing your feet in the Power Wheel’s footstraps and then ‘walking’ with your hands You can do them for distance or time. Just like with sandbags and sleds, this is a great exercise to in which to compete against your friends racing for distance or time.

You can learn more about the Power Wheel by reading our review.

Take a look at the video below to see an athlete performing Power Wheel walks.

Now you know what equipment you can use to get outside of the gym to build muscle and burn off fat this summer. All that’s left is for you to get started.

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