The Best AMRAP Workouts On Instagram

This article highlights the best AMRAP workouts that I I found on Instagram. Each is designed and demonstrated by a different trainer.

I’ve tested all of them on myself and can guarantee they’ll give you a great workout regardless of your fitness or experience level.

In case you aren’t familiar, AMRAP stands for As Many Reps As Possible, or As Many Rounds As Possible. They’re a great way to get into awesome shape and compete against yourself and your friends.

How Do You Perform AMRAP workouts?

They’re done the same as you would a circuit workout, which means no rest between exercises. You continue doing movement after movement for the duration of your workout. This can be for 5 minutes, 60 minutes, or however long you choose.

After the workout is done you can total the reps and/or rounds you completed. You’ll use this number to measure your performance and progress when you do it again.

Why You Should Do These AMRAP Workouts

  • They’re great for improving your cardiovascular fitness and strength in one session.
  • They’re very efficient, helping you get a great session in very little time.
  • You can do them without any equipment in very little space.
  • You’ll burn off lots of calories during and after your workout.
  • AMRAP workouts teach you to handle the burn and workout related pain so your stronger mentally and physically.

Now that you’ve been introduced to the world of AMRAPS, let’s get to programs. I’ve included links to the workouts and each trainer’s Instagram accounts. This way you can see a proper demonstration. Give them all a follow too. You’ll learn lots of new stuff to add to your fitness routine.

The 10 Best AMRAP Workouts On Instagram

Body weight And Kettlebell AMRAP by @iam_erin 

This AMRAP, written and demonstrated by personal trainer Erin Derrick trains every major muscle in just 20 minutes. As it only requires a single kettlebell you can it anywhere. In her description she’s getting her workout in while on vacation.

You’ll be alternating upper and lower body exercises during this AMRAP which I really like. It definitely makes the workout more challenging. Finishing with single arm swings really cranks up the intensity too

Erin says to perform it for as many reps as possible for 20 minutes. When you can do that you’ll know you’re in great shape.

Here’s her AMRAP 

  • Reverse lunge with step up – 8 reps
  • Single leg push up – 6 reps
  • Single leg glute bridge – 15 reps per leg
  • Asymmetric shoulder press – 10 reps per arm
  • Single arm kettlebell swing – 15 reps per arm

Click here to watch Erin perform this workout.

Single Dumbbell AMRAP By @fitblvd

This AMRAP, created and demonstrated by Esther Choi Williams is a combination of body weight and dumbbell exercises. After doing all 7 exercises you’ll

Have trained every muscle fiber from your head to your toes.

I really like that she includes a rotational exercise in this AMRAP. Not enough people do and that’s a real bummer. We rotate our bodies all the time during the day and in pretty much every sport you may play. Being strong here makes you more injury proof and an all-around better athlete.

She also groups together exercises which is cool since it also keeps your body moving through every plane.

You’ll need a single dumbbell to do Esther’s AMRAP. Each exercise is done for 8 reps. She says to shoot for 8 rounds in 20 minutes.

Esther’s AMRAP Workout 

  • Pogo hops + sumo touchdown
  • Back lunge + up/over overhead press – both sides
  • Bent over kettlebell pass + hinge – both sides
    Boat hold + biceps curls
  • Straddle + rotational overhead press
  • Birddog + triceps kick back – both sides
  • Birddog + punch out + helicopter

Watch Esther demonstrate this AMRAP by clicking this link.

Bodyweight Exercises Only AMRAP By @thefitnesslink

Here’s a body weight exercise only workout by trainers Lucy and JP West. Just because they don’t use weights, don’t mistake it for being easy.

I did this at the beginning of my workout today and I was in a pool of sweat after 15 minutes. It’s very much a strength endurance workout due to the higher number of reps they have you perform.

Do this workout whenever you like. I think it’s especially great when you don’t have any extra equipment or want to improve your conditioning levels. Since I’m unable to run or ride my bike now due to an injury, I’ll be doing this instead to keep up my cardio.

Do as many rounds as possible in 15 minutes.

  • High knees – 50 reps
  • Jump lunges – 20 reps
  • Press ups – 15 reps
  • Squats – 20 reps
  • Burpees – 10 reps

Watch Lucy and JP perform this workout.

Strength And Power Focused AMRAP By @trainrx.performanceprograms

I’m this workout coach Rick Gorrell has you doing 2 different AMRAPs. This is new to me and I’m really stoked on the concept.

You’ll need a barbell for these AMRAPs and access to rings. If you don’t have either of those dumbbells, kettlebells and a bar to do inverted rows will work.

This AMRAP focuses on lower repetitions making it great for building strength and power. This is awesome since most workouts of this type focus on higher reps and more of a cardio/conditioning effect.

When you do Rick’s workout below you’ll build strength and endurance, which is really nice. If you want to become stronger and be able to push yourself harder, longer this AMRAP is for you.

You’ll complete this workout by doing the first AMRAP, resting and then moving on to the second.

Each AMRAP is done 6 times for 3 minutes per round. This means each will take a total of 18 minutes not including the rest between rounds.

Do as many reps as you can. If you can hit all the prescribed reps in 6 minutes consider yourself to be super strong and fit.


  • Push ups – 5 reps  l
  • Prisoner reverse lunges – 3 reps per leg
  • 1 power clean


  • Air squats – 15 reps
  • Ring rows – 9 reps
  • Push press – 3 reps

See Rick demonstrate this AMRAP on his Instagram page.

Single Kettlebell AMRAP By

This workout comes from Josefin Lundqvist of Sweden. Watching her train bundled up and outdoors made me cold, and I’m in warm southern California.

Her AMRAP requires you to have a kettlebell. A dumbbell will work too if that’s all you have.

She has you doing 5 exercises for 20 minutes. I like how she alternates lower, upper, and total body exercises as the AMRAP progresses. Finishing off the AMRAP with abdominal exercises torches your lungs and makes following circuits that much harder.

She uses higher rep ranges so this workout will really get your heart racing and build your endurance. The heavy breathing you’ll do makes it great for burning off lots of extra calories. Probably for hours after the workout is done.

This AMRAP is a great stand alone workout or ‘finisher’ if you’re really looking to test your conditioning. Do it outside in the cold like Josefin if you’re especially tough.

Josefin’s Kettlebell AMRAP – 20 minutes total

  • L Single leg RDL – 10 reps per leg
  • Standing overhead press – 10 reps
  • Goblet squats – 20 reps
  • Kettlebell swings – 20 reps
  • Toes to kettlebell – 20 reps

Click on this link to see Josefin do this AMRAP.

Kettbell Conditioning AMRAP By @alexislunarbody

This AMRAP tests both your physical and mental fitness. I’m her workout, coach Alexis has you do 3 exercises each for different rep ranges.

She then has you increase the number of reps you perform on every subsequent circuit. It’s brutal. After 15 minutes I was done and ready to go home for a nap. Maybe even before the workout was done.

You’ll need a kettlebell and pull up bar for this workout.

Here’s how you do Alexis’ AMRAP. You’ll do it for a total of 15 minutes.

Round 1

  • 1 pull up, 2 air squats, 3 kettlebell swings

Round 2

  • 2 pull ups, 4 air squats, 6 kettlebell swings

Round 3

  • 4 pull ups, 8 air squats, 12 kettlebell swings

Round 4

  • 8 pull ups, 16 air squats, 24 kettlebell swings

Don’t let the lower rep ranges in the beginning fool you in thinking this is an easy workout. It’s intense. By the time your doing 16 air squats and 24 swings without rest you’ll be at the limits of your strength and endurance. The endorphin rush and improved conditioning afterward makes it 100% worth the effort.

Watch Alexis perform this AMRAP at her Instagram account.

Ali Kabba’s Body Weight Exercise AMRAP By

Here’s another great body weight workout by personal trainer and boxing coach Ali Kabba. It’s only 3 exercises but if you push yourself you’ll realize you couldn’t do a 4th.

I did this one first thing this morning to help me wake up and get going for the day. Boy did it get me started. My heart was pounding, brain was firing, and my muscles were burning. All in the best possible way.

Doing plank walks immediately after push ups really made my abs burn. What a great idea.

Ali says to see how many rounds you can do in 10 minutes. Then, try and do a little more the next workout.

If you want to add more resistance to each exercisss you can also do this AMRAP with resistance bands or a weighted vest. Use both if you really want to build your strength and endurance.

Here’s the workout 

  • Press (push) ups – 10 reps
  • Plank walks – 10 reps
  • Squat thrusts – 10 reps

Do one exercise after the other for 10 minutes straight.

Watch Ali demonstrate this body weight AMRAP.

AMRAP With Weights And A Jump Rope By @bradleysimmonds

Personal trainers in England must be the authorities on AMRAP workouts. I just realized this is the 3rd workout in this article designed by a fitness coach based in England.

In this workout, coach Bradley combines upper and lower body exercises for a total body workout. Then he adds 50 reps of jumping rope to make sure your heartbeat stays up. Believe me, it will.

I really like that Bradley alternates upper and lower body exercises in this workout. Doing that always seems to up the intensity and challenge of a workout. Plus it gives your muscles a little bit of a break between sets.

The addition of cardio as the last exercise of his circuit is great too. Your muscles get a bit of a rest while the cardio aspect of the workout gets bumped up a notch.

Here’s the workout. Bradley says to do it for 30 minutes. If you can do that you’ll know you’re in really great shape.

  • Dumbbell grip push ups – 10 reps
  • Devil presses – 10 reps
  • Squats – 10 reps
  • Reverse lunges – 10 reps
  • Biceps curls to shoulder press – 10 reps
  • Jump rope – 50 reps

Here’s a video of Bradley performing this AMRAP.

Max Work Capacity Dumbbell AMRAP By @upbeatevolution

This AMRAP, designed by Fairlane Collar, is really unique. I write this because she has you only count the reps of the last exercise, reverse lunges as your total. The first exercise of the workout, dumbbell hang clean and jerks are ‘only’ done for 20 reps per arm.

Once your done with the clean and jerks, getting in as many reps on the lunges is probably not going to happen. I’m not trying to be a bummer. It’s just that 20 repetitions of hang clean and jerks are really hard.

Fairlane says to do 4 rounds in this workout. When I did it that was plenty to give me a great total body workout. I’m not one to do high rep workouts, I don’t like counting past 8 so this is a good one for getting me out of my comfort zone. Plus the cardio and muscular endurance conditioning you’ll get from it are great.

I’m going to do this once a week or so for a month to see how it helps my paddling endurance for surfing. I’m expecting to report back that I can out paddle the kids in the lineup with ease.

Here’s the workout. Do 4 rounds. Only count the max number of reverse lunges you do toward your total. You’ll need a dumbbell or kettlebell, whichever you have or prefer. Don’t go too heavy at first. Doing 20 rep hang clean and jerks per arm is pretty gnarly.

  • Hang clean and jerk – 20 reps left side
  • Hang clean and jerk – 20 reps right side
  • Reverse lunges – alternate sides. Max reps

Here’s a video of Fairlaine demonstrating her AMRAP. 

Core Focused AMRAP By @alexymyshevskiy

Alexa’s AMRAP is different from the others in this article. Its focus is strengthening your core muscles whereas the others hit all the major muscle groups. The exercises he uses may focus on your core but you’ll get a good all around workout from it as well.

I chose this one because I’ve been focusing on strengthening my core muscles since tearing a few abdominal and hip flexor muscles this summer. Doing his workout along with others is really making a difference.

He doesn’t prescribe how many rounds or a total time to shoot for so you can choose that for yourself. I’ve done it for 4-6 rounds and also for time. Both work great.

You’ll need 2 kettlebells for this AMRAP. A dumbbell will work but kettlebells are better. Don’t start off too heavy. You want a weight that’s challenging but not one that keeps you from properly engaging your abs and using good form.

Alexy’s core AMRAP

  • Lateral bear crawl drag – 30-45 seconds
  • Weighted hollow hold – 30-45 seconds
  • Tall kneeling double rack hold – 30-45 seconds

Watch a video of Alexy performing this AMRAP.

In Conclusion

You now have access to 10 awesome AMRAP workouts to keep you busy and get you into great shape. I also recommend checking out our article on the best EMOM workouts once you’ve done all of these a few times.

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