The Best EMOM Workouts On Instagram

EMOM workouts (every minute on the minute) are awesome. Whether your goal is to get stronger, lose fat, improve your cardio, or build muscle, they’ll help you get it done. 

In this article I list the 6 best EMOM workouts I’ve found on Instagram. They range from body weight workouts to kettlebell and dumbbell training.  I found them by searching through the hundreds posted to Instagram at the hashtag #emomworkouts. 

Listed below are what I used to choose the workouts in this workout.  

Best EMOM Workout Selection Criteria

  • Proper technique is used for each exercise. 
  • Their demonstrations are clear and complete to make it simple for you to see what to do.
  • Each EMOM covers all of the major muscle groups of your body. 
  • The workouts are useful for you whether you’re a guy or girl, beginner or experienced athletes, and beginners. 
  • Limited equipment and space is required for each EMOM (kettlebells, dumbbells, barbell) so you can do them at home or the gym.

The Best EMOM Workouts On Instagram

Squat, row, and clean kettlebell EMOM

Sarah Warshowsky – @makeupandmuscles

Sarah’s a trainer that has mastered all types of training using kettlebells, barbells, body weight exercises, and resistance bands. 

You’ll see after checking out her account that she practices what she preaches. Her video demonstrations show her doing the movements using great form and some serious strength. 

The EMOM workout of hers that I selected for you uses basic kettlebell exercises that train and strengthen every major muscle group. 

The duration and intensity of this workout also makes it great for improving your cardio conditioning. 

You’ll need 2 kettlebells for this EMOM. Dumbbells can be used if that’s all you have. Use a moderate to heavy kettlebell that you can do each exercise with good form. 

  • Minute 1 – 10 reps 2 hand kettlebell swings
  • Minute 2 – 8 reps double cleans 
  • Minute 3 – 6 goblet squats
  • Minute 4 – 10 double kettlebell rows 

Here’s Sarah’s video so you can see how it’s done.

Sarah does each exercise at the top of the minute and then rests for the time left once the prescribed reps are done. I had about 40 seconds rest between each exercise. Doing each exercise 3 times like Sarah says to do will take you 12 minutes. 

If you choose to do this EMOM as a stand-alone workout you can work up to doing it for 20 or so minutes. When done as ‘finisher’ at the end of your training session to give your cardio a boost, 12 minutes like Sarah does is perfect. . 

best emom workouts on instagram

12 minute bodyweight only EMOM

Danielle Pascente – @daniellepascente

Here’s a body weight EMOM that I did recently while traveling and didn’t have access to my gym. It’s creator is Danielle Pascente, a popular personal trainer based in Los Angeles.

I also like to do a workout like Danielle’s at the end of my training for a way to get in a quick and effective conditioning session in that’s pretty low impact on my joints.

Here’s the EMOM

Block One – 5 minutes

  • Inner to Outer Squat Jumps – 15 reps
  • Push ups with shoulder tap – 5 reps

Block Two – 5 minutes

  • Skater jumps – 20 reps
  • Walk outs to frogger – 4 reps

Block Three – 5 minutes 

  • Step back lunge to switch lunge jump – 8 reps
  • Plyo plank hop overs – 16 reps

Here’s a video of Danielle doing this workout so you can see how it’s done. 

The workout is broken up into 3 blocks which each have 2 exercises. The way it’s done is by doing each exercise for the prescribed number of reps in less than a minute.

You then rest for the remaining time and move onto the next block of exercises. again when the minute is up. Each block is done for 5 minutes total following this process. 

After finishing this EMOM you’ll feel strong, energized and know you’ve done a great workout. In just 15 minutes. 

I really like how Danielle alternates between upper and lower body movements in each block. It really gets your heart rate going and ensures you’re training all the major muscle groups you want to build and strengthen. 

She also includes modifications for the exercises in case some of them are too advanced for you. If you’d  like to make this EMOM more challenging, resistance bands or a weighted vest work well.  I’ve done this workout with each. Both are great but bands are what I use more, especially when doing it away from home. 

Upper body and ab focused EMOM

Tahne Atkinson – @tahnemalia

Tahne’s IG account is packed with lots of EMOM workouts. A former division 1 soccer player, Tahne now works as a personal trainer. Her IG account is packed with lots of EMOM and other workouts that will help you get fit, strong, and lean.

Here’s an awesome EMOM from Tahne that only requires a pair of dumbbells. If you don’t have them, kettlebells or bands can be used. I’ve done the workout with all of them and like dumbbells best.

What I really like about this workout is that Tahne includes exercises that make you rotate your body at the waist. 

Rotational exercises are way underprescribed in workouts and it’s a shame. We move this way on a very regular basis in sports and daily movements and it needs to be trained for us to be strong enough to perform our best.

Here’s Tahne’s EMOM workout 

  • Pushup to plank press – 5 reps per side
  • Russian twists – 15 reps per side 
  • 1 arm dumbbell hang clean & press – 6 reps per arm
  • Dumbbell crunches – 15 reps
  • 1 arm dumbbell front to lateral raise – 8 reps per arm

Check out Tahne’s video for a demonstration of this EMOM workout.

If you currently don’t do any rotational exercises like those Tahne uses here I think you should do this EMOM 1-2 times a week. It’ll get you noticeably stronger in all the muscles you’re currently not training. Plus your conditioning and strength will improve throughout your body. 

emom workouts with dumbbells

Kettlebell swing, hinge, carry, press row EMOM

Dr. Bijan and Nurse Gab – @kettlebellathletes

This IG account, run by a couple based in Southern California focuses solely on kettlebell training. I love this as they really show how you can get into great shape using only kettlebells.

While they didn’t post this workout as an EMOM, I like it so much I’m going to show you how to do it as one.  I say that because they include one exercise for 5 primary types of movements we do in our day to day life and whatever sports we play. They are: squatting, hinging, carrying, pressing, and pulling. Getting as strong at each will help you become strong, fit, and at less risk of getting injured. 

This is a great workout for building strength since you’re doing 5 reps per exercise. This means you can use a heavier kettlebell. This allows you to use heavier weights and build some serious strength. No matter who you are, doing 1-2 strength focused workouts a week is a good thing.

Here’s their workout 

  • Swing. 1 arm kettlebell clean – 5 reps per arm
  • Hinge. 2 kettlebell stiff legged deadlift – 10 reps
  • Carry. 1 kettlebell single leg stance with hip rotation – 5 reps per leg.
  • Press. 1 kettlebell clean and press – 5 reps per arm
  • Pull. 1 kettlebell bent over row – 5 reps per arm

Watch their video here where they do a great job performing each exercise. 


Making This An EMOM Workout

I do this workout as an EMOM by performing each exercise at the top of the minute.  It’ll take you 5 minutes to complete every exercise. You can repeat this as many times as you like. I’d start with doing each exercise 3 times for a 15 minute workout. 

Start by doing each exercise 3 times in 15 minutes. Working up to a 30 minute (6 sets of each movement) will turn you into a beast. 

The only other movement you may want to include is a rotational movement like kettlebell figure 8s, or around the worlds. Since the cleans have a rotational aspect to them it’s not necessary. As long as you program those or similar exercises in your training. 

EMOM with resistance bands

Nathan Collins – @NathanCollins

Nathan’s EMOM is a combination of resistance band and body weight movements. With the minimal equipment and space required you can do this anywhere. 

He has you do 2 exercises per minute, on the minute. 

Do this until you’ve done all 3 groups of exercises. Nathan says to repeat this sequence 4 times. So, in just 12 minutes you’re training every muscle in your body. 

In addition to it being a total body workout, I love that I can do this workout anywhere in very little time. The use of resistance bands makes it possible to increase the difficulty of the workout which helps you get stronger and fitter, faster. 

Here’s Nathan’s band and body weight EMOM.

Minute 1

  • Stiff leg deadlifts – 10 reps
  • Jumping lunges – 10 reps each leg

Minute 2

  • Banded push ups – 10 reps
  • Rocket jumps – 10 reps each leg

Minute 3

  • Banded chest press – 10 reps
  • Up/down planks – 10 reps 

Here’s a link to a video where Nathan demonstrates this workout.


Don’t let the fact this is a band and body weight workout fool you. It’s a great workout. Since I train every day, I do workouts like Nathan’s 1-2 times a week as a way to give my joints a break from heavy weights but still get in a great session. 

kettlebell emom workout

Single kettlebell EMOM workout

JT Turner – @jt_zen

Los Angeles based trainer JT Turner’s account is something else. As we live in the same city, I need to train with him in person to add new ideas to my workouts. 

JT’s EMOM workout that I review here requires a single kettlebell. Don’t think for a second that makes it easy or not as effective as others. It’s a complete total body workout that’ll get your heart going and have your muscles burning. 

Here’s JT’s kettlebell EMOM

  • Kickstand squat with back heel elevated right leg – 5 reps
  • Left leg Kickstand squat with back heel elevated – 5 reps
  • 2 handed kettlebell swings – 10 reps
  • 10 V ups
  • Sprawl with overhead reach to squat jump – 6 reps

Check out his video for a complete demonstration. 

He does this for 8 rounds total, with each exercise done at top of the minute. You should get between 30-45 seconds rest between exercises.  If you’re just getting started, you can cut back on the number of rounds. Start with 3 or 4 and see how you feel. As you become fitter and stronger, add a round to each workout. 

Two things I really like are that JT shows that you can train with heavy kettlebells to build strength and muscle, just like you can with barbells abs dumbbells. The second is his including sprawls to squat jumps as the last exercise really makes the workout a great for cardio conditioning too. Going from standing to lying face down to jumping explosively is brutally hard and will get you into great shape. 

When I did this EMOM I used a 70 lb kettlebell. It’s A weight I can do 10 reps that’s challenging, not brutally hard.  At the end of the EMOM my lungs and muscles were burning and I felt great. Just the way I want to feel post-workout. 

In conclusion

You now have 6 EMOM workouts that you can with little equipment pretty much anywhere. Don’t let their minimal requirements fool you. They’ll kick your butt and help you get as lean, strong, and fit as any gym equipment based workout.

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