The Best Intense Workout Supplements – Train Harder, Longer

Best Intense Workout Supplements
After dozens of hours of research and testing hundreds of products our team has selected the best intense workout supplements.

Whichever type of intense training you enjoy, from Crossfit WODs like Fran, to Spartan races, kettlebell swings, and interval workouts there is a product on this list that can help you.

The sports supplements in this article are scientifically proven to help you perform better during an intense workout. This means you’ll have more mental and physical endurance to keep pushing when things get tough.

The formulas in every supplement we’ve chosen are simple and contain the exact dosage found to be effective through scientific research.

After reading you will know how each supplement works, their benefits, recommended use, and which products are best for your particular needs.

How We Chose Each Product
We developed the following criteria to ensure the best products are being recommended to you.

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  • The product must be backed by peer-reviewed scientific research.
  • The supplement must not contain any banned ingredients.
  • Every supplement has been on the market for at least 1 year.
  • I’ve tried these products and experienced their benefits first hand.
    [/unordered_list]The Best Supplements For Intense Workouts
    Beta Alanine – buffers your muscles so you can train harder, longer
    When is comes to a supplement that can help you you train more intensely, beta alanine is number one. When taken correctly, it can help you grind out those last couple of reps and sprint at top speeds longer.

    Beta alanine supplements benefit your body too. Studies show taking it along with with intense workouts can help you build muscle and lose fat.

    Prolab Beta Alanine Capsules

    How Does It Work?
    Taking beta alanine increases the amount of a natural compound called carnosine to be stored in your muscles. This extra carnosine is what provides the benefits you experience. They do it by delaying the amount of time it takes for your muscles to become fatigued.

    Who Should Take Beta Alanine?
    It’s a great supplement for men and women. The harder you work out, the more it’s likely to benefit.

    I personally notice its benefits during sets of really intense exercise that lasts up to a minute. Heavy farmers walks and sets of 10-25 kettlebell swings are good examples.

    How Should You Take Beta Alanine?
    The recommend dosage is 4-6 grams in 3-4 divided doses every day. This should be repeated for 4-6 weeks. This will ‘fill’ your muscles with carnosine which I mention above. It can taken with or without food.

    Results are typically seen after 2-3 weeks of supplementation with the proper dosage. I recall noticing a benefit sooner but your experience may be different.

    After taking it for 4-6 weeks you can decrease the amount you take by ½ and continue experiencing benefits.

    Which Beta Alanine Product Should You Buy?
    After testing 10 different supplements, the beta alanine supplement we’ve decided to recommend is Prolab Beta Alanine Extreme capsules. Listed below are our reasons why.

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  • Proven Dose – Get you the exact dose shown to be effective in clinical studies.
  • Uses Carnosyn – The type of beta alanine proven to work in over a dozen scientific studies.
  • Overall Value – One bottle lasts 30 days. Most others last half as long.
  • Convenience – Take are 2 small, easy to swallow capsules a few times day.
    [/unordered_list]Learn more about Prolab Beta Alanine Extreme.

    2. Branched Chain Amino Acids (BCAAs) – forget your fatigued
    Typically thought of as a supplement you take to build muscle, branched chain amino acids can help your performance during intense workouts too. They do this by ‘tricking’ your brain so that it doesn’t tell your muscles they’re tired when you’re working out really hard.

    Results from a couple of studies on athletes show how BCAAs can affect our brains in this way. This first, as I write above is that BCAAs help to block the signals sends out to tell our body it’s fatigued. Subjects in one study trained harder, longer (how much?) after taking a BCAA supplement before their workout.

    A second study finds that BCAAs also improve reaction time during intermittent exercise, in this case a soccer match. Researchers find that taking them prior to playing a simulated match helps you continue to make quick and accurate reactions during while walking, jogging, and sprinting repeatedly like you do when playing soccer.

    Clean BCAA intense workout
    The Best BCAA Supplement
    The supplement that meets our requirements for best BCAA supplement for intense workout us is Clean Machine BCAA powder. Check out the list below and learn why.

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  • Clinically proven dosage – 5 grams of pure BCAAs per scoop.
  • Convenient – just mix in water and drink. No need to take a handful of huge pills.
  • Micronized powder – so it mixes easily and doesn’t end up stuck to your glass.
  • Neutral taste – makes it great to drink with water and in your protein shake.
  • Nothing but BCAAs in every scoop – animal, corn, gluten, and soy free.
    [/unordered_list]Click here to buy Clean Machine BCAA powder.

    How And When Should I Take My BCAAs?
    According to the latest research, it appears that taking 5-10 grams per serving is the best dosage for most of us. If you’re unsure how much to take, start with 5 grams and adjust as needed.

    It’s typically recommend that you take BCAAs 10-15 minutes before you train. Since they don’t need to be broken down and digested by your body, this is enough time for them to start working.

    On days that I’m working out really hard I increase my dosage by taking 10 grams before and even during my work out. An added benefit to taking a second dose is that it helps decrease post-workout soreness.

    Intense workout creatine
    3. Creatine Monohydrate – instant energy for your muscles
    Typically known as a muscle and strength builder, creatine is especially great for crushing an intense workout.

    One way it works is by providing your muscles with more available energy. This energy is used during brief bouts of intense exercise like sprints, sets of squats, and kettlebell swings.

    Creatine Monohydrate can also help your recover faster between sets. Since your muscles have more immediate energy available, it doesn’t take as long for them to be rested and recharged for the next set.

    Which Creatine Supplement Is Best?
    This is probably the toughest supplement to pick. This is because there are hundreds of creatine supplements on the market. Each makes its own claims which we needed to evaluate to help you buy the best product.

    Our choice for best creatine for intense workouts is Prolab Creatine Monohydrate powder.

    Here’s are the reasons why:
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  • 5 grams per serving – makes it convenient to take and get the clinically proven dose every time.
  • Micronized creatine – unlike regular creatine powder which is often barely dissolves this mixes instantly in water.
  • Free of impurities – so you know you’re only taking creatine monohydrate.
  • 200 servings – Means that it will last months. Even if you’re taking it every day.
  • Neutral flavor – no bitter or overly sweet flavors to make you dread your daily dose.
    [/unordered_list]You can buy it at our online store.

    Best Ways To Take Creatine Monohydrate
    In case you haven’t taken it before, there is a protocol that’s pretty much universally recommended in the scientific and athletic communities. It produces results really fast (3-5 days) that continue to increase the longer you take it.

    Listed below are a few tips for getting the most from creatine:

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  • Start by taking 20 grams a day in 4 or 5 divided servings (5 grams per serving).
  • Continue for 7 days.
  • After the 7th day you can switch to maintenance mode. This means you only have to take 5 grams a day.
  • Take for as long as required. Studies show it’s safe to use long term in healthy men and women.
    [/unordered_list]4. Caffeine – Blocks the pain so you can continue
    When you need a quick boost of endurance, energy, and intensity caffeine does the trick. Studies show that it can help your body produce more energy for your muscles and also ‘trick’ your brain from quitting when your muscles start to burn and doing another rep or set feel impossible.

    Results from one study also finds that taking caffeine before you lift weights can help your workout intensity by making it easier to perform more repetitions with heavy weights.

    Intense workout caffeine supplement
    How Does Caffeine Work?
    The way caffeine helps to enhance high intensity exercise performance is not entirely clear. The latest research finds that the way it helps you train harder is by decreasing the amount of pain your body feels when you’re training really hard.

    How Much Caffeine Do You Need?
    The best dosage for you is likely to vary since many things determine your tolerance for caffeine. This includes: your weight, how much caffeine you typically eat or drink daily, …

    Most people recommend starting with 200 mg pre-workout. This is the amount in a regular cup of coffee. You may need more or less depending on your tolerance. I don’t drink coffee of other caffeine containing drinks so taking 1 caffeine supplement with this amount is plenty.

    Which Caffeine Supplement Is Best?
    Our choice for best caffeine supplement for an intense workout is by Prolab. We used the criteria listed below to make our choice:

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  • No more than 200 mg per serving – Enough caffeine to work without making you jittery.
  • Our choice cannot have filler ingredients – just intensity boosting caffeine.
  • It must be convenient to take – no more than one capsule per serving.
  • Needs to cost less than a cup of coffee – Prolab caffeine is just $.07 per dose.
    [/unordered_list]Click here to buy Prolab Caffeine capsules at our online store.

    Now you know which supplements are best for intense workout, whether it’s the day’s WOD, a Spartan sprint, or several sets of kettlebell swings and sprints. Give them a try and let us know what you think.

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