The Best Time To Drink Whey Protein

Whey Protein powders are a healthy and inexpensive supplement that can help you easily and inexpensively get enough protein for your body’s daily needs. Like many supplements, there is a best time to drink a whey protein shake. There are also times when another type of protein powder is a better choice.

all natural whey protein

The optimal time for drinking whey protein shakes is before and after you workout. The reason for this is that whey is absorbed very quickly after you drink it, often within one hour. This rapid rate of digestion/absorption enables the protein and nutrients from whey to help your body ‘turn on’ its recovery processes. Over time this can lead to you having more muscle.

You may also want to drink a shake between or with meals. Especially if you’re dieting and training to lose excess body fat. Even though it’s digested quickly you’ll find yourself feeling full after drinking a shake.  Studies find that drinking a whey protein shake can help you lose weight faster for this reason.

When choosing a whey protein we recommend you buy one that contains the highest quality whey proteins at a fair price. More specifically you should buy a product that uses a blend of whey isolates and concentrate. A really good product will also have a digestive enzymes added to help your body digest and utilize as much protein as possible. The product that we recommend is Better Whey all natural protein powder. You can learn about it by reading our in-depth review.

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