What’s The Best Way To Take MCT Oil?

There are countless ways to take MCT oil. It has little to no taste so incorporates easily into most recipes without altering the flavor of your food. You can also drizzle it over food as a fat burning, energy boosting condiment. Just like you would with olive oil. It’s also great to use when cooking at low to moderate temperatures like sauteeing and baking.

When my wife and I first started using it, we simply took it off a spoon. After a while, we got creative and began experimenting with other ways to incorporate it into our diet. Taking it every day helped us in so many ways that we went to work on learning how to incorporate into our diets to make getting our daily dose convenient.

The best way to take MCT oil are the ways you enjoy and will do every day. Here are some great ways for you to try: drizzled over vegetables, mixed into guacamole, stirred into yogurt, blended into your coffee and protein shakes, and as the oil in Mayonnaise.

I explain how to each of these ways, and a few more in this article.

Whether your reason for taking MCT oil is to lose fat, focus better at work, get into nutritional ketosis, have more energy, or something else; each of the methods described below will help you include MCT oil in your diet in simple and delicious ways to help you get results.

If you’re looking for the purest, sustainably sourced MCT oil to help you achieve your health and fitness goals, I recommend MCT Edge. 

The Best Ways To Take MCT Oil

1.Take It Right Off A Spoon

This is how I take my MCTs when I’m in a hurry. They don’t have much flavor so it’s a really convenient way to get my energy boosting ketones in seconds.

Just be careful when you’re taking your MCTs straight up. They can cause an upset stomach if you aren’t used to taking them if you take too large a serving. I advise beginning with ½ to 1 teaspoon at a time. Wait an hour or so after your first dose. If you don’t have an upset stomach, take another teaspoon.

Eating something after taking MCT oil off a spoon helps reduce side effects too. If you’re fasting, a little bit of almond butter, say a tablespoon won’t ruin it. You’ll actually get into ketosis faster because of the MCT oil you just took.

Try to work up to being able to take a tablespoon in one serving. This will give you several hours or fat burning, energy boosting, craving killing benefits.

Best Way To Take MCT Oil

2. Blend MCT Oil Into Your Coffee or Tea

This is probably one of the most popular ways to get your daily dose of MCTs. Adding it to your coffee or tea gives you energy from two sources, caffeine and medium chain triglycerides (MCTs) you added to your drink. Caffeine provides the instant burst of energy, focus, and craving control. About 30-45 minutes later, the MCTs kick in to keep their benefits going.

Research shows that when you take MCT oil and caffeine together you’ll get into nutritional ketosis faster.
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Drinking a cup of coffee with MCT oil first thing in the morning gives me energy and curbs my appetite until we have dinner late in the afternoon. Same for my wife. Since I drink it black my coffee only has 135 calories from the MCTs. This is the amount in 1 tablespoon

You can add cream, butter, etc. if that’s what you like and it will work just as well. Just be mindful of the extra calories your getting.

You may wonder why I don’t add butter to my coffee or tea as well like other people recommend. While it tastes great, I don’t want the extra calories. I like to fast all day until dinner and want to get as much energy from my body fat as possible. Adding a few hundred more calories from butter means less calories burned off from the fat I’m already storing.

Getting MCTs To Evenly Mix In Your Drink
The best way to add MCT oil to your coffee or tea is to blend it with a handheld or regular blender. Trying to mix it with a spoon will leave you with an oil slick on top of your drink. It will still work the same way, but not have that creamy latte look and texture in your mouth. Blending it makes a frothy, creamy drink that makes you feel as if you’re drinking a creamy shake or latte.

3. Add Your MCT Oil To Guacamole

You know that avocados are also loaded with lots of healthy fats. They’re also super low carb. A medium avocado only has about 1.5 grams of net carbohydrates if you’re following a low carbohydrate diet.

Guacamole is one of the best things to make with avocados, as I’m sure you all have tasted! We eat it pretty much every day and have dozens of ways to make it. You eat it by itself as a meal or snack or serve it with pretty much anything at breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

Here’s our recipe for MCT oil guacamole.

Just like taking it off of a spoon or in your coffee, you’ll still get all of its benefits by adding it to recipes like guacamole. It makes it creamier and somehow taste better, richer. Maybe that last one is my imagination but that’s okay with me!

I add my MCTs to the avocados before they’re mashed. It makes the texture smoother and therefore mashing them easier, especially when the avocado isn’t as ripe as it should be. I use 1 tablespoon per avocado. If you’re wondering how much MCT Oil you should take per day, you can read more about that, here. As always, start with a small amount and increase, slowly.

Adding MCT oil to your guacamole reduces the risk of getting an upset stomach, which sometimes happens when your body is getting used to digesting this special fat. My wife has a sensitive stomach, but I have at times, added 2 tablespoons of MCT Oil to our guac and she has yet to notice any negative side effects!

What’s The Best Way To Take MCT Oil?

4. Drizzle MCT Oil Over Your Food 

I do this at dinner. This helps me easily take a tablespoon of MCTs and stay in nutritional ketosis, even when I have a couple of homemade corn tortillas.

This is a great way to get your MCTs and all of their benefits if your stomach doesn’t tolerate it off a spoon or in your coffee. Adding them to other foods which will be in your digestive system at the same time can help reduce or eliminate an upset stomach.

There’s an additional reason to drizzle MCT oil over your dinner. Studies show that adding MCT oil to a meal decreases the amount your blood sugar and insulin levels increase after eating.

The less they ‘spike’ after a meal, the better it is for you. You won’t feel as much of an energy crash if you eat extra carbs, nor will it be as likely that what you ate will be stored as excess fat.

Every time I get great results. I don’t have any after dinner cravings for sweets like ice cream, candy, or Cheetos before bed. This is the case even when I have some extra carbs or when I eat a high fat/protein meal of steak and eggs. Furthermore, since I’m not inclined to indulge in these foods before bed, I don’t wake up feeling hungover from the sugar either, which is nice.

But Will My Food Taste Different?

Since medium chain triglycerides are odorless and flavorless they don’t change how your food tastes. In many instances they make it taste better. I’ve added it to dark chocolate with sea salt, guacamole as I write above, scrambled eggs, and even steak.

Best Way To Take MCT Oil

5. Blend MCT Oil Into Your Shakes And Smoothies

The next time you make a protein shake or smoothie, add a serving of MCT oil. Then blend it in a shaker bottle or blender.

Just like when you add it to coffee, the result is a thicker, richer shake that packs an energy boosting kick. The MCTs in your shake will also help you stay full longer and diminish your cravings.

all natural whey protein

My favorite shake is 2 scoops of Better Whey protein powder with 1 tablespoon each of MCT Edge and almond butter. If you’re trying to gain muscle, drink one occasionally before, during or after dinner for the extra protein and calories, or for some reason, still hungry.

This shake is high in fat and protein and low in carbohydrates. It’s great for all of us keto athletes who eat low carb/keto and want to perform our best.

Here’s a breakdown of what you get in every serving.

  • Calories – 530
  • Fat – 28 grams
  • Protein – 60 grams
  • Carbohydrates – 6 grams (net)

Best Way To Take MCT Oil

6. Mix MCT Oil Into Almond And Other Nut Butters

Here’s a way to make an awesome tasting food even tastier!

The next time you’re going to have almond or other nut butter for a snack, stir in a little MCT oil.

You’re rich, buttery snack will taste just as good, if not better. In addition to the protein and healthy fats you’re getting from your nut butter, you’re also getting them from the MCTs. This is a great way to kill cravings and stay in nutritional ketosis mid-afternoon when they normally occur.

My wife does this with natural almond butter and sometimes peanut butter to avoid cravings and stay energized and focused until she eats. Doing so helps her stay healthy and lean without feeling like she’s making any sacrifices.

Best Ways To Take MCT Oil

7. Stir MCT Oil Into High Protein, Greek Yogurt

Adding MCTs, to this protein rich yogurt takes it from a mediocre snack to great one for all of us who eat high fat, low carb.

The problem with plain Greek yogurt is that it hardly has any fats. Chobani, a popular brand only has less than 1 gram.

This is not enough fat for us to feel full and keep burning off fat as a source of energy. Adding a tablespoon will give you the extra fat you need. Now you can eat the yogurt you like, with a few berries added, if that’s what you like. You’ll stay full and energized for hours.

Best Way To Take MCT Oil

8. Saute Vegetables With MCT Oil

One of the great things about this fat is that you can cook with it, from low to medium temperatures. More specifically, 320 Fahrenheit (160 Celsius).

A good rule of thumb is to not heat it until the MCT begins to smoke. This will damage the fats and reduce or eliminate their benefits. Plus it tastes awful. So bad that if you taste it once, you’ll never overheat it again.

You can sautee your vegetables and other foods with MCT alone or add it to the other fats you also use such as butter or olive oil. You’ll get the same, or better flavor plus MCT Oil benefits.

Best Way To Take MCT Oil

9. Use MCT Oil On Your Skin As A Moisturizer

Like coconut oil, MCTs can make your skin feel smooth and feel healthy. Try a tablespoon on a patch of dry skin and see for yourself. Customers also tell me they like it more than there daily moisturizer. My wife does too since she has pretty dry skin. She uses it on her legs, arms, and face every day.

Best Way To Take MCT Oil

10. Make Your Own Mayonnaise With MCT Oil

For all of you out there that cook at home, you can use MCT Oil to make your mayonnaise! Stop using store bought mayo or using corn oil in your homemade mayonnaise. Give my recipe a try, it makes creamy, rich mayonnaise in less than 2 minutes.

Instead of getting a big dose of inflammatory corn oil, as most recipes suggest using, you’re giving your body a dose of fat burning, energy producing MCTs.

How does it taste? You’ll find that the taste is better  than store bought mayo. MCTs have very little flavor so you get taste the combination of its other ingredients that make you love mayonnaise.

It’s healthier than using corn oil too. Vegetable oils like corn are high in omega 6 fatty acids which can be very inflammatory to our body if you get too much through diet and supplementation. Most of us already get enough, without even realizing.

MCT oil only contains one type of fat, medium chain triglycerides. Nothing else. So instead of possible hurting your body, you get a fat that keeps you full between meals and gives you better mental and physical energy.

Best Way To Take MCT Oil

Which MCT Oil Do I Take?

Buy Now MCT Edge OilWhen shopping for an MCT oil supplement, make sure you buy one that is of the highest quality. I recommend our in-house product, MCT Edge. It’s pharmaceutical grade. All you get in every serving are capric and caprylic acid, the MCTs which are the most beneficial to our health.

MCT Edge is made in a sustainable manner. This means that the land the coconuts are grown on is not damaged or overused so that it can used for decades to come. The land used for the farming the trees has been used for over 20 years.

Give these 10 tips for the best ways to use MCT Oil a try. You’ll find they make incorporating these healthy fats simple, convenient, healthy and delicious! Use MCT Oil in your food creatively, so that you can enjoy all the benefits of MCT Oil without the fuss of ‘remembering’ to take your supplement! Maybe you can add to the list of ‘the best ways to take MCT Oil.’

The Best Ways To Take MCT Oil
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The Best Ways To Take MCT Oil
The best way to take MCT oil are the ways you enjoy and will do every day. Here are some great ways for you to try: drizzled over vegetables, mixed into guacamole, stirred into yogurt, blended into your coffee and protein shakes, and as the oil in Mayonnaise.
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