Working Out And Training Hard At Any Age

Turkish Get Up

Your ability to train hard and do challenging exercises should not have to change just because you are getting older. As long as you consistently work out and continue to challenge yourself to improve at each workout you should be able to continue to train with the strength and intensity of someone decades younger.

Below are two videos from Youtube that show a 61 year old man doing two really tough exercises, single leg squats and push ups on a Bosu ball. The man in the video isn’t cheating his way through these exercises either, he’s using good technique. He’s even wearing a weighted vest for added resistance. Let these videos serve as examples of what can be done and motivation to be able to train this way throughout our lives.

The man exercising in the video is a client of Mike Boyle, a well known strength coach and author. We recommend checking Mike’s blog at for great training information.

Single Leg Squat Wearing a Weighted Vest

Push Ups On A Bosu Ball

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