How To Log And Track Supersets With Your Workout Tracker

Supersets are a great way to get the most from every rep you lift, curl, and press. If you’ve done them before you know what I mean. Simply skipping the rest between sets of exercises for opposing body parts hits differently than doing each exercise for the prescribed number of reps before moving on.  Entering […]

Why I Built A Google Sheets Workout Add-On

After years of using spreadsheets for school and then to help run my business I learned I preferred them to apps for another important thing in my life. Tracking my workouts and health.The comprehensive layout of a spreadsheet allows me to view my entire workout at a glance which provides valuable insights for planning better […]

The Best ChatGPT Prompt For Creating Total Body Workouts

ChatGPT workout prompts

The first time I used ChatGPT to write a total body workout for me was several months ago. The results, which you can see here, weren’t all that impressive. It was almost 20 sets of kettlebell exercises.  While that isn’t necessarily bad, the exercises used aren’t good.  Every movement trains all the major muscle groups […]

3 Top 10 Minute Kettlebell HIIT Workouts With Spreadsheet

I’m currently working to complete a 6 month course in Deep Learning/A.I. in 4. Why am I trying to get it done so fast? Probably because I’m not very patient. I’m also really stoked to learn how to develop chatbots and other large language model based applications – like ChatGPT – to help you and […]

5 Kettlebell Cardio Workouts For You – Free Spreadsheet

When you think of doing a cardio workout you probably imagine going for a run, riding a bike, or using the elliptical machine at the gym. They’re all good for keeping your heart healthy and increasing your endurance. But they aren’t the only way to go. Full body kettlebell cardio workouts are another alternative that […]

Kettlebell Strength Standards – Which Do You Meet?

I’ve seen first-hand how kettlebell training can build a leaner, stronger body. When I started doing kettlebell workouts I weighed 260 lbs, was morbidly obese and got tired tying my shoes. Long gone were the days of my being in great shape at 12% body fat and squatting 8 plates (405 pounds). I hadn’t exercised […]