Strength Loss On A Keto Diet – Get The Facts!

Since you’re reading this article it’s safe to assume you like to train to be strong and fit enough to lift, sprint, throw, and jump. You’re also most likely interested in the keto diet.   I bet that you’d like to know whether your strength, power (jumping, etc) and the endurance you need to exercise[…]

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How MCT Oil Helps Focus And Clears Brain Fog

Since you’re reading this article, I bet you want to know if  MCT oil  helps focus? More specifically, can it help you concentrate on your work, or any other mentally challenging task with greater clarity for longer periods of time? Also, does it relieve the brain fog you feel when you’re first starting on a[…]

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mct or coconut oil

Does MCT Oil Break A Fast? Get The Facts Here.

We’re often asked whether taking MCT oil will break your fast. The (TLDR;) – too long don’t read – answer is no. Supplementing with MCT oil while fasting will not throw you off track when it comes to your fast. It can actually be very beneficial, making your fast more beneficial and effective.    How[…]

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Pure MCT Oil

Can You Cook With MCT Oil?

Can you cook  – fry, sauté, roast and bake – with MCT oil? The TLDR; answer is no. While it’s easy to add to many recipes cooking with it at temperatures at/above 350 degrees Fahrenheit is not a good idea. The reason for this is its smoke point. When you heat MCT oil to or[…]

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Lift Weights Every Day For Optimal Results

Why You Should Lift Weights Every Day  Lifting weights every day is the best way to train. Period end of sentence. While lifting less often, even if it’s once a week is better than nothing, you’re going to get the best results the more frequently you train. I lift weights every day and when I’m[…]

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protein shake recipes

The Best Weight Gain Shake Recipes Ever!

The weight gain shake recipes in this article are better than any pre-made product. First, because they help you gain quality weight fast. Plus every one of them  tastes 1000x better than any gainer you can buy.  Weight gain powders, in an effort to pack in as many calories as possible, are loaded with sugar[…]

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early morning workouts

Early Morning Workouts. How To Get The Best Results.

Early morning workouts. Some people love lifting weights, running, etc. before sunrise. Others – and this may include you – don’t. Instead you feel it tough to get motivated and become frustrated with your progress.  Keep reading to learn how to get past this sticking point and learn how to become stronger, build muscle, and feel[…]

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