10 Tips For Optimal Health And Performance

Optimal Health – 10 Tips For You

Optimal health – whatever it may mean for you – is a great goal to work towards. Even if we don’t ever get to what we consider optimal, we still improve and move towards better health and performance.  This article has 10 tips for optimal physical and mental health, whether your goal is to get[…]

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kettlebell split squats how to

The Best EMOM Workouts On Instagram

EMOM workouts (every minute on the minute) are awesome. Whether your goal is to get stronger, lose fat, improve your cardio, or build muscle, they’ll help you get it done.  In this article I list the 6 best EMOM workouts I’ve found on Instagram. They range from body weight workouts to kettlebell and dumbbell training.[…]

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proffee recipe

What Is Proffee And How Do I Make It?

Proffee is shaping up to be the new trend in coffee drinks. Much like whipped Galvona coffee was last year, it’s taken over Tik Tok and other social media channels as the cool drink.  After reading this article you’ll know what proffee is, the best proffer recipe, and the ways it can benefit your health and[…]

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Creatine And Longevity

Is creatine a longevity supplement? This is a question I never considered until about a week ago. Then I couldn’t let the thought go. It seems to have benefits that can help extend our lives but I wasn’t quite sure if this is true. So, I did what I always do to try and answer[…]

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Beta Alanine For HIIT Workouts

Beta Alanine For HIIT Workouts Beta alanine is the best nutritional supplement for improving performance in HIIT workouts. With 20 years of scientific evidence and reports from men and women around the world touting its benefits it’s probably in the top 5 of all sports supplements to. That puts it on the list with creatine[…]

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