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Does Whey Protein Build Muscle?

Does whey protein build muscle? If so, how much? We get these questions a lot. So much that I’m writing this article to answer the question for you and every other reader. When you’re finished reading this article you will know. Whether whey protein shakes can help you build muscle. Just how much muscle people[…]

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What Kicks Me Out Of Ketosis? Learn Here!

You’ve fasted, then ate what seems like zero carbohydrates to get into nutritional ketosis. Now that you’re there, you’re asking yourself ‘what kicks me out of ketosis’.   I get it. Being fat adapted and in nutritional ketosis works for me too. It’s pretty awesome to not feel exhausted all day and have a gnarly stomach[…]

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Why Grip Strength Is So Important

Having a rock solid grip may be the key to a great life. You may think that it only matters when you shake someone’s hand, twist a lid off a jar, or grip a kettlebell but it’s value goes way beyond these activities.  Scientists find that a strong grip positively correlates with many aspects of[…]

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