Why I Built A Google Sheets Workout Add-On

After years of using spreadsheets for school and then to help run my business I learned I preferred them to apps for another important thing in my life. Tracking my workouts and health.The comprehensive layout of a spreadsheet allows me to view my entire workout at a glance which provides valuable insights for planning better […]

The Best ChatGPT Prompt For Creating Total Body Workouts

ChatGPT workout prompts

The first time I used ChatGPT to write a total body workout for me was several months ago. The results, which you can see here, weren’t all that impressive. It was almost 20 sets of kettlebell exercises.  While that isn’t necessarily bad, the exercises used aren’t good.  Every movement trains all the major muscle groups […]

5 Ways Taking Notes After Lifting Will Help You

I’ve been lifting weights for a long time. Before the invention of the web browser. Yep, that long. I’ve completed thousands of workouts and until very recently I never, ever thought about taking notes after lifting weights.  What a bummer. This year I started to spend 5 or so minutes after my workout jotting down […]