Why I Built A Google Sheets Workout Add-On

After years of using spreadsheets for school and then to help run my business I learned I preferred them to apps for another important thing in my life. Tracking my workouts and health.The comprehensive layout of a spreadsheet allows me to view my entire workout at a glance which provides valuable insights for planning better workouts.

 I’ve become so hooked on this over the last few years that I’ve taken things to another level. What’s that mean? Did I change my name to Sheets? 

No, I haven’t gone completely overboard. But I did take what spreadsheets can do as a workout tracker to another level by developing a Google Sheets ™ weight training tracker Add-On. I believe it’s the first to be launched in Google’s Workspace Add On Marketplace. 

Why’d I do this? It’s not because Google Sheets ™ isn’t powerful by itself. It does lots of awesome stuff. But it needed a little bit of help to be a great workout tracker. Same with the most popular fitness apps. 

Let me explain.

How I Needed My Weight Training Tracker To Work

When I set out to create my Google Sheets™ workout tracker, I had a clear vision of the features I wanted it to have. 

Here are the most important ones that I couldn’t get from other templates and apps.

1. It Needed To Create A Library Of My Workouts: I really wanted a tracker that would seamlessly save every workout I completed in a single place. Creating a database of my workouts for me. With my information saved and organized in one location I’d be able to easily and quickly see and review every workout I’ve done. It also makes it easy to search and find something important. 

A tracker that creates a central workout database for me also makes it easy to create reports, charts, and graphs that show my progress over the weeks and months. 

2. Create A New Workout Log With One Click: When you use a spreadsheet program creating a sheet for a new workout is a hassle. It usually requires lots of copying, pasting, and formatting. Apps are better but they don’t organize your information so you can see it all on one page.  

By doing some coding and creating a Sheets ™ add-on it’s now possible to create a new perfectly formatted sheet. In one click. With every cell, formula and function you need to track your exercises, weight lifted, sets, reps, and more. 

3. An Automated Dashboard: The dream was to have a workout progress dashboard that allows me to see my weight training progress. Looking at numbers in a table is definitely. But charts, graphs, and tables that let me see how I’m really doing in my workouts are way better. It’s much easier to understand what’s going right and wrong with my training to make adjustments. 

4. Exercise and Last Weight Lifted “Memory”: I craved a tracker that would “remember” all the exercises I performed and the weights I lifted. This intelligent feature would automatically fill in the exercise and weight details as I began typing, eliminating the need for repetitive data entry and streamlining the tracking process.

These desired functionalities formed the foundation of my add-on. Stay tuned to learn how I turned this vision into a reality, and discover the additional customizable features and benefits that await you on your fitness journey.

free weight training workout tracker
Our tracker lets you see entire workout on one screen

The Weight Lifting Add-On Does What Apps Won’t Do Too

Our Google Sheets Workout Tracker Add-On offers unparalleled flexibility and convenience. Whether you’re using a computer, tablet, or smartphone, you can access it from any device with an internet connection. Say goodbye to being tied to a specific device! Rest assured, your data is securely stored in your own Google account, ensuring its privacy and accessibility whenever you need it.

One of the greatest advantages of our add-on is its user-friendly interface. There’s no steep learning curve involved. If you’re familiar with Google Sheets™ or other spreadsheet programs, you’ll feel right at home. The add-on seamlessly integrates into the familiar Google Sheets environment, making it easy to navigate and use. Plus, it offers customization options, allowing you to tailor the tracker to your liking and personal preferences. Make it truly your own!

Discover how our Google Sheets Workout Tracker Add-On can revolutionize your fitness tracking experience. Stay tuned as we explore its features, benefits, and additional functionalities that will empower you to achieve your health and fitness goals like never before. Get ready to take control of your workouts and embark on a journey of transformation.

You can also track your progress with a single click

Learn More About Our Workout Tracker Add On For Sheets ™ 

Discover the power of our strength training tracker add-on for Sheets™ and revolutionize your fitness journey. With a seamless installation process taking just seconds, you can dive right in without any learning curve. 

Use it effortlessly, just like any other Google Sheets™ file. 

This add-on encompasses all the features I’ve discussed in this article:

  • Create new workouts with a single click, effortlessly tracking every set, rep, and weight lifted.
  • Gain instant feedback with averages, max weights, and repetitions displayed for each exercise.
  • Utilize a comprehensive dashboard that tracks your progress through user-friendly graphs, pie charts, and tables.

Bid farewell to lost or deleted workouts, as our weight lifting tracker saves everything in one secure database within your own private Google™ account. 

Take the next step and learn more about our workout add-on to unlock the full potential of your fitness tracking experience.


In conclusion, our Google Sheets Workout Tracker Add-On is the missing piece to supercharge your fitness journey. It combines the functionality of spreadsheets with the convenience of an app, providing you with an all-in-one solution. 

Say goodbye to the limitations of spreadsheets and apps, and embrace the power of our strength training app. Take control of your fitness goals and unlock the potential for remarkable results. Discover more about our weight lifting tracker add on for Sheets™ and embark on a transformative fitness journey today. 

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