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Creatine And Longevity

Is creatine a longevity supplement? This is a question I never considered until about a week ago. Then I couldn’t let the thought go. It seems to have benefits that can help extend our lives but I wasn’t quite sure if this is true. So, I did what I always do to try and answer[…]

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10 Tips For Optimal Health And Performance

Optimal Health – 10 Tips For You

Optimal health – whatever it may mean for you – is a great goal to work towards. Even if we don’t ever get to what we consider optimal, we still improve and move towards better health and performance.  This article has 10 tips for optimal physical and mental health, whether your goal is to get[…]

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Pure MCT Oil

Can You Cook With MCT Oil?

Can you cook  – fry, sauté, roast and bake – with MCT oil? The TLDR; answer is no. While it’s easy to add to many recipes cooking with it at temperatures at/above 350 degrees Fahrenheit is not a good idea. The reason for this is its smoke point. When you heat MCT oil to or[…]

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