Best Way To Take MCT Oil

What’s The Best Way To Take MCT Oil?

There are countless ways to take MCT oil. It has little to no taste so incorporates easily into most recipes without altering your foods flavor. You can also drizzle it over food as a condiment, like you would olive oil. It’s also great to use when cooking at low to moderate temperatures like sauteeing and[…]

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How Creatine Benefits Vegans

Creatine has so many benefits for vegans and vegetarians that I’m shocked it’s not recommended to anyone that follows either diet. It’s the one supplement that my vegan and vegetarian friends say helps them the most when it comes to being fit, strong, and lean. More than protein powder. More than energy drinks and vitamins. […]

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Beta Alanine For HIIT Workouts

Beta Alanine For HIIT Workouts Beta alanine is the best nutritional supplement for improving performance in HIIT workouts. With 20 years of scientific evidence and reports from men and women around the world touting its benefits it’s probably in the top 5 of all sports supplements to. That puts it on the list with creatine[…]

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protein shake recipes

The Best Weight Gain Shake Recipes Ever!

The weight gain shake recipes in this article are better than any pre-made product. First, because they help you gain quality weight fast. Plus every one of them  tastes 1000x better than any gainer you can buy.  Weight gain powders, in an effort to pack in as many calories as possible, are loaded with sugar[…]

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How To Lose Fat And Build Muscle At The Same Time

You, me, and millions of others want to know how to build muscle and lose fat simultaneously.  Many ‘experts’ say it’s impossible. That you can do or other, but not both. This isn’t true. Regardless of your fitness level or whether your overweight or already in pretty good shape. You can lose fat and build[…]

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Learn How To Buy The Best Creatine

After reading this post you’ll know what qualities make a creatine supplement the best.. You’ll also learn which specific product is the right choice for you and your needs and goals. How I’ve Learned What Makes Creatine Supplement The Best  I’ve taken creatine supplements since the late ‘90s (yes, I’m that old). Over this time,[…]

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