MCT Oil Recipes – Keto Mayonnaise

Once you try this MCT mayonnaise recipe you’ll never use another. First of all, it tastes awesome. Second, it doesn’t use unhealthy canola oil. Last, but not least it’s packed with energy boosting, brain powering, ketone boosting MCTs in every serving.  What Makes This Keto Mayonnaise Great What makes this recipe unique are the oils[…]

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guacamole mct oil

MCT Guacamole

There are few snacks or side dishes tastier than guacamole. It’s especially great for all of us who follow a keto or low carb diet. This recipe for MCT guacamole is just delicious. Every creamy, savory serving you eat is loaded with an extra ingredient that will help your body burn more calories from fat[…]

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Keto Pesto Sauce With MCT Oil

My favorite thing to make with basil is keto pesto sauce. It’s one of the best sauces for all of us low carb and keto dieters. It contains hardly any carbohydrates, has lots of healthy fats, and tastes awesome!  What makes this keto pesto better than other recipes is The sauce I make substitutes some[…]

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Whipped Keto Coffee – MCT Oil Recipes

Are you looking for a new, delicious, keto friendly coffee to try? Give this whipped keto coffee a try the next time you want a caffeine boost. It’s based on the recipe for Dalgona coffee, which has become the latest food craze to hit the internet this year. Unlike the original recipe, this one does[…]

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