Lift Weights Every Day For Optimal Results

Why You Should Lift Weights Every Day  Lifting weights every day is the best way to train. Period end of sentence. While lifting less often, even if it’s once a week is better than nothing, you’re going to get the best results the more frequently you train. I lift weights every day and when I’m[…]

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early morning workouts

Early Morning Workouts. How To Get The Best Results.

Early morning workouts. Some people love lifting weights, running, etc. before sunrise. Others – and this may include you – don’t. Instead you feel it tough to get motivated and become frustrated with your progress.  Keep reading to learn how to get past this sticking point and learn how to become stronger, build muscle, and feel[…]

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5 Workout & Diet Hacks For Building Muscle Fast

Building muscle doesn’t have to be rocket science. All it takes is repeatedly doing a few things that are proven in the lab and gym to work. This article provides 5 detailed tips to help you build muscle fast. They don’t require you to spend lots of money on fancy fitness equipment or nutritional supplements either. Use them to hack your current diet and workout program and you’ll build muscle fast. I’m talking an extra 5 pounds of muscle in a month. They’ll help you lose fat and get stronger too, which is nice.

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