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HIIT – And Be More Productive At Work

Whether you’re an entrepreneur, employee, student, or starting a side hustle, being productive is key to accomplishing your daily and long term goals. It’s also not something we’re not very good at since the average person is only productive for about 3 of an 8 hour work day.  I know it’s something I struggle with[…]

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The Best EMOM Workouts On Instagram

EMOM workouts (every minute on the minute) are awesome. Whether your goal is to get stronger, lose fat, improve your cardio, or build muscle, they’ll help you get it done.  In this article I list the 6 best EMOM workouts I’ve found on Instagram. They range from body weight workouts to kettlebell and dumbbell training.[…]

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The Best AMRAP Workouts On Instagram

This article highlights the best AMRAP workouts that I I found on Instagram. Each is designed and demonstrated by a different trainer. I’ve tested all of them on myself and can guarantee they’ll give you a great workout regardless of your fitness or experience level. In case you aren’t familiar, AMRAP stands for As Many[…]

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